Let’s create your school district’s

roadmap to equity

There’s a lot of talk about equity in education –
but, isn’t it time for less talk and more solutions?

As an educational leader, you struggle to meet the needs of all your students and support your staff at the same time.

You’ve tried everything:

  • you’ve attended training sessions
  • you’ve read books
  • you’ve hired other consultants

But these different approaches aren’t creating the lasting change you know is needed.

You’re frustrated because you invested money and time in one-size-fits-all programs that don’t meet your needs.

You feel like you’re failing your students and their families.

Here’s the truth:

You don’t need another “program.”

You need a new approach with proven results. 

One that naturally empowers teachers and is sustainable.

And can be designed through virtual, hybrid, or in-person support structures.

You need a collaborative solution that meets your unique needs and creates lasting change for the students and families who need it most. 

We hear you.

We can help you take meaningful action on equity and inclusion in a way that’s cost-effective and sustainable over the long term.

The Cambio Group provides strategies, tools and coaching to school systems and organizations who want to take meaningful action on equity and cultural proficiency.

We’ve helped hundreds of schools and leadership teams create customized equity programs that are effective and sustainable.

With our unique approach that blends face-to-face and virtual professional learning options, we guide groups through an effective process to create lasting change.

Each project is tailored to the district’s individual needs – without blowing budgets or overwhelming teachers.

The best part?

Districts see the results they only imagined were possible – in as few as 3 or 4 site visits and/or virtual PD sessions.


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Meet the Cambio Group

Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields


LaMarr is the Director of Education & Innovation and President/CEO of the Cambio Group. He’s an educator, author and thought leader whose mission is inspiring others to pursue a higher, more meaningful purpose and achieve sustainable value for long-term success.

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He has extensive experience as a professor and scholar-practitioner in the field of racial, ethnic, and academic identity among Black and Latino male youth.

His experience fostering interconnectivity and deep engagement among educators, policymakers, parents, and other change agents, qualify him as a leader in this field. He’s also a member of the National Blue Ribbon Commission on Equity and Achievement.

He brings an unparalleled level of enthusiasm to this work.

Dr. Marina V. Gillmore

Chief Academic Officer

Marina is The Cambio Group’s Chief Academic Officer and Director of School-Based Programming. She’s an educator, author, and systems-changer. Marina built her career working with youth, and teaching, researching and writing about equity, access and social justice.

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Marina’s equity and literacy consulting work has taken her throughout the country, with a particular focus on serving culturally and linguistically diverse school communities in both urban and rural areas.

Marina holds a doctorate in Leadership for Educational Justice and has conducted award-winning research on both the experiences of underserved youth in urban environments and how teachers’ beliefs and life experiences impact classroom practice.

As a social entrepreneur, Marina is also the CEO and President of Full Circle Press, an independent publishing house dedicated to telling the stories of educators and change-makers. She also weaves storytelling into her engaging trainings and workshops.

Bettye Blaize

Chief Executive Assistant, President & CEO Support

Bettye is the Chief Executive Assistant for the Cambio Group. With a long career in hotel management, she brings an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and hospitality to everything she does.

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In addition to providing strategic organizational support to all levels of the Cambio Group, she also serves as the assistant to Dr. LaMarr Shields.

For information on booking Dr. Shields for keynote presentations, conferences, and site-based workshops, please contact Ms. Blaize directly at bettye@thecambiogroup.com.

Sibyl Perez, MBA

Program Manager, Chief Academic Officer Support

Sibyl is the Cambio Group’s Program Manager. With a background in both for-profit and non-profit management, Sibyl oversees many of the daily organizational operations of the Cambio Group.

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She also works directly with all school and district leadership to design and implement site-based work.

Sibyl provides all support for Dr. Marina Gillmore. For information on booking Dr. Gillmore for conference presentations and site-based workshops, please contact Ms. Perez directly at sibyl@thecambiogroup.com.

A collaborative, community-based
approach to equity


Throughout our work, teaching and relationships, we embrace the philosophy of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu (sounds like: oo-boo-ntoo) is a South African word that means

I am because we are.

It speaks of the interconnectedness and oneness of humanity.

Ubuntu is a collaborative, community-based approach that informs how we work with schools and districts – and it’s why our equity work is so unique and effective.

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Here’s how we can support your district’s equity work


    We collaborate with you to deliver interactive and customizable webinars, professional development workshops, equity summits, and keynote presentations designed to meet your school and/or district's unique equity needs.


    We work with you to develop a customized online community of practice for a few schools or your entire district. Communities of practice are designed to support the implementation of professional learning through tailored, PD sessions and facilitated interaction among participants.


    For schools and districts ready to scale their equity work, we offer leadership coaching and support to develop site-based equity teams that build momentum for equity work that is sustainable and transformative.

Let’s do this work together

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What you should know about working with
the Cambio Group

Cambio is a Spanish word that means change.

When you bring the Cambio Group into your school system, we’re working towards:

  • changing systems
  • changing mindsets
  • change how young people and the adults who serve them see themselves and their future.

What Drives Us

Our work is about making systems work for EVERYONE, not just those with majority identities

We provide the glasses and the roadmap to systems change

We believe the people most impacted are also the architects of the change

We are committed to work that is deep, sustainable and scalable

We believe that who we are as educators and what we believe impacts EVERYTHING we do

We believe in creating partnerships with those with whom we work

We understand the importance of creating and facilitating nurturing spaces where people can understand and challenge systemic oppression

Our Work is Strengthened by Our Collaborative Partnerships

More questions about the Cambio Group and our work?